Country: Ghana

Project location: Tema

Funding Program: Export Initiative Environmental Protection

Funding Authority: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV)

Funding Code: 67EXI4011A

Duration: 01.08.2020 – 31.03.2023

The MoNaL project was a collaborative effort to develop sustainable mobility options for sub-Saharan African countries. This project took a holistic approach to analyzing and improving the impact of mobility options, from design to energy supply and vehicle recycling. In Ghana, a sharing system for e-mopeds and cargo bikes was tested and adapted based on local conditions and user requirements. A smart mini-grid of solar systems and charging stations was also developed to provide renewable energy for e-vehicles. Real-time adjustment of electricity prices ensured efficient use of resources. To address the issue of electronic waste, the final lifecycle of the product system was considered, with workshops and qualification measures conducted to develop environmental standards and promote recycling and upcycling. The project involved a collaboration between the Sustainable Technologies Laboratory at Bochum University of Applied Sciences and various organizations, including Green Power Brains. This project aimed to intensify the use of sustainable mobility alternatives while contributing to improved access to reliable and sustainable energy.


In the predecessor project GH2GH (www.greenpowerbrains.com/gh2gh), the smart solar mini-grid at the project site is being extended to include a hydrogen infrastructure. The aim is to produce hydrogen in dry season and convert it back into electricity in raining season as well as to conduct research in potential use cases.