05 Smart Solar Mini-Grid Tema

Country: Ghana

Project location: Tema

Year: 2019

Installation: 160 kWp solar-mini-grid

In 2019, Green Power Brains constructed a 112 kWp solar mini-grid, which has been expanded to 160 kWp over time. The grid consists of heterogeneous components from different companies and aims to supply the Don Bosco Technical Centre in Tema, Ghana. Part of the project was the design, procurement, logistics, installation, configuration and monitoring of the mini-grid. In the research project GH2GH (www.greenpowerbrains.com/gh2gh), the grid is being extended to include a hydrogen infrastructure. The aim is to produce hydrogen in dry season and convert it back into electricity in raining season as well as to conduct research in potential use cases.

Green Power Brains
Don Bosco Solar and Renewable Energy Centre